WELCOME TO Sri Shetty Sangappa Memorial School


Sri Shetty Sangappa Memorial School, which was founded in 2000 by Mr. Girijashanker Shetty, and a pioneering group of committed teachers and parents, remains true to its values and to the continuous development of its core competence: teaching and learning. The school strives to create a learning environment that is child-centred, engaging, active and critical. Its ways of working are democratic and decentralized. The school celebrates student and teacher-led initiatives and values creativity, excellence and a social conscience. Sri Shetty Sangappa Memorial School recognises that each student learns differently and that these differences must be acknowledged and supported. The school’s Counselling Team and Learning Support Coordinators have proven expertise in addressing these differences. Sri Shetty Sangappa Memorial School believes that developing a sense of community and a social conscience lie at the very heart of education.

Another of the school’s enduring commitments is to the creative and performing arts. We believe that art, music and drama are not extra-curricular at all but an entitlement of all students and, profoundly related to learning. The result has been the creation of riveting learning experiences that have proved invaluable for students.

Never resting on its laurels, Sri Shetty Sangappa Memorial School strives constantly to be a community of learning.


In our school there are promising blend of youth, qualified and experienced Teachers


We will offer students and teachers a width of exposure and a culture that inspires creativity.


We do this in a safe and secure environment which is almost like your child’s second home.

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What sets us apart

A peek into the highlights of Shetty’s School

01. Students growth

At Shetty, we focus on overall student growth, which goes much beyond the textbooks. We encourage our kids to learn from the environment, to think, and to explore creativity within themselves.

03. Focus on targets

Learning is never confined to the classrooms. Children learn from each other and from various different activities. Our campus encourages learning from sports, activities, and performing arts, ensuring that kids develop holistically.

02. Best learning practice

We have created a learning environment that fosters various learning methodologies. From projects to experiments to field visits, we work on bringing lessons to life so that kids learn from experience.

04. Interdisciplanary model

We combine various fields of study and lessons in order to fortify creativity, analytical thinking, expression, and inquisitiveness. This model nurtures children to grow up to be thinkers, dreamers, and doers.