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Lord Basveshwara a social reformer of North Karnataka brought lot of reforms in the social setup in the 12th Century. He stood for equality, of casts & sexes and amongst may preaching’s he placed greater emphasis on (Kayaka Ve Kailasa), WORK IS WORSHIP. The said preaching had a great influence on the life of Sri Shetty Sangappa.

Late Sri Shetty Sangappa

Sri. Shetty Sangappa was born, in an agriculture family, at Sulepeth, Taluka Chincholi, District Gulbarga. He joined the department of Police in the erstwhile state of Hyderabad as a Sub-Inspector of Police and opted for the service of the Mysore State Department of Police and rose to become Superintendent of Police. He was one of those trusted and intelligent officers of the department who was a ready reference and an encyclopedia, in the matters of the efficient policing, for the department and its men. He was man of daunting courage, grit and substance. He was a guiding force, and true friend philosopher and guide to all police personnel of this region and Senior officers of the department till he passed away on 28th February 1990. Sri Shetty Sangappa was a legendary Police officer his life and service are full of stuff that the great stories are made of. He was great investigator, and excelled in crime detection. His study on Paardis and other nomadic criminal tribes is chronicled in the Corps of Detectives at Bangalore. He played a greater role in the control of Sikh riots at Bidar. He was a refined human being full of discipline, love & compassion for fellow human beings especially for the children. Sri. Shetty Sangappa had that rare human touch which is generally not found these days especially amongst the police fraternity. People who interacted with him once never would forget his personal touch. His equals & felons (whom he dealt during policing) alike admired and cherish his special qualities. He was a nightmare to the outlaws. In pursuit of this philosophy and legacy of late Sri Shetty Sangappa the family formed & registered SRI SHETTY SANGAPPA MEMORIAL TRUST.

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